My daughters have throughly enjoyed their time at Amigos Spanish Learning Center. I am very pleased with how much they have learned through Maestra Marina's superb Spanish immersion program. Maestra utilizes music, dance, play time and hands on educational activities, to make the learning experience fun as well as educationally sound. I highly recommend Amigos Spanish Learning Center!
My daughter and son had a wonderful Summer with Maestra Marina. They truly enjoyed bringing home the projects they worked on during the day. They were so excited to tell us how their days went and the about the new friends they made.
I teach Spanish at a University and know how important it to start learning another language at an early age. Another college professor friend of mine that is also raising her children to be bilingual told me about this place and I'm so glad she did. Maestra Marina is doing things correctly by creating a fun uplifting environment where the children are completely immersed in Spanish. My daughters are having a fabulous time and look forward to going to school. At home I find them singing songs in Spanish that they have learned during the day. I had tried to create an immersive environment at home but I've seen a big jump in their Spanish proficiency since now they have peers that are also using Spanish. I strongly recommend "amigos" Spanish learning center.
My son and i really like the school,we love Maestra Marina. Kiddos learn so much!! And have fun at the same time
My daughter had a wonderful time in Maestra Marina's Summer Program. She came home singing songs in Spanish and was always excited to share her art work with us at home.
Wonderful preschool experience! Maestra Marina is kind and patient with early learners, teaching them academic skills as well as Spanish!
Its a great school!!! I used to worked with Marina as her assistant a couple years ago, she is very talented, patient and caring person that will take care of your little love one.